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Nothing is more exciting than a destination wedding! There is also nothing more exhausting than a destination wedding that also crosses as a vacation, work, and duties of being in the bridal party. This was exactly what we had to juggle for our trip to Virginia. It wasn’t easy packing the car.

After a day of setting up the beautiful outdoor reception at Vicki and Randy’s grandparents house located around… well, absolutely nothing, we only had one night to rest before gathering up the camera gear and our bridesmaid/groomsman outfits. The next morning I was even able to get a few shots in before I sat down to get my hair done (styled tightly back, those beach weddings are hot and windy) and Bill watched some Top Gear. Men have it easy,

It was a beautiful, hot day in a rural town in Virginia. The families gathered together in the hotel as the bride finished up the final details of the day, such as making signs for the photobooth, steaming the bridesmaids skirts that she made for everyone, and sewing a bowtie for the groom. This girl was having a very custom wedding. Lucky for me, after I got my hair done I was able to do what I do best and walk around the room with a camera glued to my hands.

After a slight struggle of getting the whole bridal party to the location of the first look and to take pictures the day finally began.

First challenge: Shooting video of the bridal party while taking pictures when you’re in the pictures.
Tripods come in handy for this, if you don’t mind still shots.

Second challenge: Getting twice as hot and sweaty as everyone else.
We literally have to be two places at once. This usually isn’t a problem, but a layer of difficulty is added when it’s 95 degrees outside.

Third challenge: Setting up cameras and tripods on the beach.
This includes hoping there is time between pictures and the ceremony, as well as running around the sand making sure the video and audio equipment is running. We also have to be in our prospective places to walk down the aisle in time.

Forth challenge: Leaving those cameras unattended on a beach.
It gets risky to leave cameras alone with wind, sand, water, and recording limits. Luckily we had some very helpful cousins to stand behind the cameras to make sure the numbers kept moving and nothing got swept away by the tide.

Fifth challenge: Tearing down equipment when we were supposed to be in pictures.
The equipment won’t tear down itself. We also may appear to be hot and winded in the photos. But I suppose that will show our true selves.

Sixth challenge: Trying to get to the reception before everyone else, and also before the sun goes down.
Each detail of the reception needs to be captured, mainly because everything is hand made by the incredibly crafty bride.

Seventh challenge: Being introduced with the bridal party and instantly splitting off to our cameras to be ready for the first dance.
I guess this is the perfect way to be introduced, now that I think of it.

Eighth challenge: Ignore the temptation to dance while shooting video and dodging Uncle Terry’s high kicks.
I suppose I could dance, but I care about steady shots too much. On the upside, I can get up close and personal to the guests that I know will put on a good show.

Ninth challenge: We’re not in the video and will not be remembered. Unless the bride and groom have any sort of memory of their own.

Tenth challenge: Avoid crying through the ceremony, the dances, and the toasts because you are so invested in the couple and their love is just so gosh darn cute. But tears make it hard to see, which is vital.

Despite all of these challenges, knowing that our sister will get a great wedding video is worth it. We think we handled multitasking pretty well, you’ll have to watch it and see for yourself!